Affiliated to :- World Sansei Koryu Gojuryu Karate-Do,USA

Institute of Traditional Martial Arts

Chairman:- Dr Arun Sandhu

President in Administration:- Sensai Praduman Gaur

President in Technical:- Sensai Tsewang Namgyal

Technical Adviser:- Sensai Cyril Augustine

Vice-President:- Mr. Virender Singh

Secretary:- Dr Rajendar Kumar

Technical Director:- Sensai Praduman Gaur

Manager:- Mr. Pranshu

Cashier:- Mr. Rakesh Jain

We take great pleasure and pride to introduce to our Institute- The Traditional Institute of Martial Arts(ITMA). This institute renders the service of imparting training in self-defence and Martial Arts to the young and the elderly people of all walks of life. The Institute of Traditional Martial Arts is headed by Sensei (Master) Praduman Gaur. He is a very dynamic person with years of experience in the field of martial arts. He has won many awards and medals in the state level and National karate tournaments. He is the member of the Goju-Ryu Karate-do Federation of India. He is the Secretary of the District Karate Association, Kurukshetra, the Joint Secretary – Harayana State Martial Arts and Karate Association. The Institute of Traditional Martial Arts is also involved in educating people of how to take security and safety measures in various situation and places.

Training also includes Mental and Psychological level of how to control emotions, anger, rage and to behave in a situation of hatred verbal exchange, quarrel, physical fight, how to handle mental stress and worries of day to day life.

Apart from empty hands self-defence against an assault training is also imparted where one is threatened or attacked with a sharp weapon like knife, and how to unarm the assailant and take him under control. The ITMA also organises from time to time Karate Tournaments/Championships at the district level, State and National level. The students of ITMA have won many medals in such tournaments and had brought honour to the district of Kurukshetra and to the state of Harayana.

Affiliated to :
World Sansai Koryu Gojuryu Karate
Gojur-yu Karate-do Federation of India
Harayana State Karate-do Association
Sports Karate-do Association, Kurukshetra
All India Karate-do Federation (AIKF)

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