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Goju Ryu Karate Grading Results - 10th May,2015

This was one of our largest gradings and everyone did very well as it was not an easy grading. We are happy to announce that the following students are promoted to new ranks.

Name GradeResult
Lavish Mahajan9th KyuPassed
Riddhi Mahajan9th KyuPassed
Karan Bajaj9th KyuPassed
Divanshu Sharma9th KyuPassed
Mannat Arya9th KyuPassed
Ashish9th KyuPassed
Hitesh Jain9th KyuPassed
Goransh Bhatnagar9th KyuPassed
Kartik Bhatnagar9th KyuPassed
Rachit Sirohi9th KyuPassed
Avishi Verna8th KyuPassed
Aryaman Aggarwal7th KyuPassed
Panav Aggarwal7th KyuPassed
Ryan Guptar7th KyuPassed
Sourabh7th KyuPassed
Mohit7th KyuPassed
Chetanya7th KyuPassed
Arihant7th KyuPassed
Aishna Verma7th KyuPassed
Yenshi7th KyuPassed
Gorish7th KyuPassed
Javik7th KyuPassed
Anugrah7th KyuPassed
Seema Sharma5th KyuPassed
Sahil Garg4th Kyu Passed

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